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Green Energy Stocks Get a Boost

At last, some relief. You’ve probably noticed that prices at the pump have dropped. I’ve certainly noticed the difference with petrol prices around $1.65 a litre, down from around $2.15 earlier this year. It’s quite a drop. ‘Fill up now,’ while it’s still cheap, pressed one of the headlines I read this week. The truth … Read More

ASX News Live | ASX Falls; CBA Cash Profit Rises 11%; A2 Milk Sinks

ASX falls on Wednesday. CBA sees FY22 cash profit rise 11%. A2 Milk has import request deferred by FDA. Read ASX live news here.

Predictors of Stock Returns: ROE, Cash Flow, Earnings

What are the best predictors of stock returns among earnings, return on equity, and cash flow?

ASX Live News | ASX Closes 0.13 Higher; Lake Resources, Megaport Spike

ASX closed higher on Tuesday as earnings season continues, with REA, Megaport, NAB, and Newscorp releasing results. More ASX live updates here.

ASX Stock Market

ASX Stock Market

There are over 2,000 companies on the ASX, with more added to the exchange regularly. But the ASX is only one of 60 major stock markets in the world and it, alone, processes millions of trades daily. It seems impossible to keep up with all the stock market news, but...

Imugene [ASX:IMU] Rises 10% on Clinical Trial Update

Biotech immunotherapy company Imugene [ASX:IMU] rose more than 10% on Wednesday after releasing an update about its oncolytic virotherapy candidate.

Commonwealth Bank [ASX:CBA] FY22 Cash Profit Rises 11% but NIM Falls

It was the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s [ASX:CBA] turn to release its FY22 results today, a day after NAB announced theirs. Cash profit rose 11%, however, net interest margin fell 18 basis points to 1.90%.

Megaport [ASX:MP1] Shares Rise on FY22 Results

Megaport [ASX:MP1] shares rose 9% after releasing its FY22 results with revenue rising 40% to $109.7 million, and net loss shrinking 12% to $48.5 million.


What is investing and how does one start? Investments are all things one can put money into with the hope that, one day, they’ll be worth more. That concept is the core of an investment. People invest in things in anticipation that, one day, they can receive more as one’s...

Want Investment Success? Do the Opposite

In today’s Money Morning…even the kitchen sink…regulators prepare for next bull run…will you miss out?...and more…

Investment Tips from My Local Shopping Centre

In today’s Money Morning…pandemic spending: boom to bust…inventory glut…what to expect…finding investment ideas with secular headwinds…and more…

Is Stock Analysis Worth It? Finding Your Investment Edge

Is stock analysis worth your time? The question boils down to a key academic topic: market efficiency.

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